We live and work in beautiful Vancouver. We like it here.  
Our studio is located in a storefront in historic Chinatown between a
vegetable stand and an oyster bar. Stop by for a cup of coffee or a steamed bun.





683 Gore Avenue
Vancouver BC Canada
V6A 2Z8

(604) 408-2099



Passion Pictures
New York

Shannon Lewis

(212) 725-9095




We’re always interested in meeting smart people who love what they do, but we're
currently looking to fill a smattering of specific roles. Please reference the job posting in your subject line
as you send a link to your reel, resumé and/or portfolio to JOBS@GIANTANT.CA, and we’ll know where to find you.


Art Director

We're looking for an experienced Art Director. Naturally, you will be making art, so your skills with such things are top notch. But you'll also be directing art, so your interpersonal skills and ability to communicate a vision (and tasks) clearly, and with grace, are important. You will be working with the team, and our clients, to make work that's as amazing as we can dream up together. 


Our interns work along side the rest of the team making projects, not coffee. Well, unless you're a coffee drinker. In that case, don't feel like you can't make a coffee because we just said that, because we might not make your coffee for you. Well, we might. But you don't have to make ours. Unless, like, you want to. Internships are 3-6 months. Typical studio hours are 9-6.

2D / Character Animators

We're looking for the best 2D Animators in all of the 7 Kingdoms. We care deeply about our curves and keyframes, and so do you... you might even get a bit weird about them; that's ok. You're great with After Effects, but you can also get traditional. You're awesome at characters, but can slap the esss worrd outta some logo animation when duty calls. You're also, under no circumstances, a jerk.