ADC Bronze Cube for “The TOMS Story”


We’ve never been much for awards but, this year, we said to one another, “Wouldn’t it be amazing to win an ADC cube?” So, we piled our eggs into one basket and submitted our work for TOMS. And we’re SUPER excited to have received a Bronze Cube in the Motion: Art Direction category of the Art Directors Club Awards.

There’s a photo of it above. It’s the one at the back, out of focus. But we still think it’s beautiful.

Seeking A Producer With A Strong Animation Background

GIANT ANT is looking for a dynamic, organized and clever Senior Producer to join our team. They’ll be tasked with both converting client inquiries into active projects and leading animation projects through our process to successful videos. We make short, high quality videos using live-action and animation (and a mix of the two) for a growing list of forward-thinking local and international clients.


Our Senior Producer will be responsible for intake—converting leads into active studio projects. They’ll connect with potential clients to gather needs, determine basic project specs, discuss our process and pricing and, ultimately, determine the fit to work together. From there they’ll work to set expectations and scope, produce project documentation and get the project properly set up and kicked off. It’s a sales role without the swagger; more about finding the proper fit than pressing something that doesn’t work.

The Senior Producer is also our primary point of contact on a handful of animation client projects at any given time. Tasked with leading clients through our animated video process—from concept development to approval cut—this person is accountable for keeping clients informed and comfortable with their project progress, responsive and timely on their feedback and approvals, and ultimately happy with their Giant Ant experience. It is truly a key role in our delivery of great videos.

The successful Senior Producer leads with grace—knowing when to push, when to pull and when to reassure. They can confidently represent Giant Ant, leading clients and driving projects ahead solo, but are also adept at calling for help and looping-in teammates at the right time to keep it all on track and use time wisely. They are comfortable talking numbers and wrangling meetings but also able to jump into a creative discussion when prompted. They are a juggler of many tasks, always keenly aware that they represent the voice and face of Giant Ant for a list of clients dear to us.

Requirements of the role include: meticulously organized, intensely detail-oriented, delightfully self-aware, and blessed with the ability to communicate clearly and concisely with people of all stripes. A deep understanding of the animation craft and process is an essential element to remaining confidently in the lead both internally and externally.

This is a full-time position starting immediately and working in our Vancouver Chinatown studio. Compensation is fair (based on the experience you bring) and includes benefits.


We’re a small (14 people) creative studio delivering high-touch animation and live-action videos to a very select group of clients. Our team is young and talented, creative and innovative, and in the process of building a studio that gets noticed. We work hard (sometimes long), put love in all of our work and value our open, friendly and creative studio culture.


Send a note about why you’re the one and your resume detailing experience to with the subject: Senior Producer (Animation). Please no phone calls, we’re a busy studio.

Application Deadline: We will be connecting with interesting candidates on an ongoing basis.

Pause Fest

Pause Fest started today in Melbourne, Australia but unfortunately not all of us are lucky enough to be there, where it’s summer time. Pause Fest is a rad motion graphics festival and we’re big fans. Every year they ask a couple studios around the globe to give a peek into their ‘crib’. This year, we were given the opportunity and honour to show off our humble Chinatown dwellings.

The theme was connectivity and the brief was to show our work and our space. We talked about the way in which Giant Ant connects; through storytelling.

We put love in our work in the hopes that you’ll love our work. This is how we wanted to tell our story about telling stories.

It can be difficult to talk about yourself and turn the lens inwards, and one of the biggest challenges here was finding how to articulate our story in an authentic way. Something we ask ourselves at the end of each project is, why was this story so important to tell?

The answer for this one is simple, because it’s our story.

Matthew McConaughey in, A Christmas Sweater

A few years ago we made this video Christmas card. We all had a laugh and then kind of forgot about it.

Until today.

Some lovely people over at Grey in the Unites States of America asked to license the video for use in an interactive holiday calendar for their client. We said yeah sure why not?! Well, little did we know who would be doing the voice over.

May we present to you…Matthew McConaughey discussing the merits of fine Christmas attire in an appearance by us on Day 11 of this most festive calendar.

(Click here to check it out!)


Our Very First Client

Come with us on a journey through time and space, let us take you back, way back to 2008 and our first real client. His name was, and still is, Tom Hagy.

Tom saw Jay and Leah’s wacky videos on Myspace way back when (remember MySpace?!) and approached them to make something similar for his legal education company. He needed  to demonstrate legal mishaps for courtroom training and thus, Giant Ant embarked on its first full-crew live action video shoot. They shot ten short videos, written by Tom, and soon after that, they entered the exciting world of litigation and filmed a conference on asbestos. This was to be Giant Ant’s first and last foray into the world of videography. (If this was a bad documentary we’d freeze frame on them in the court room and slow fade to black with a very dramatic transition)

All these years later, Tom is still our friend, and Jay and Leah look back on those days with doe-eyes and warm hearts. Just the other day he came all the way over from the United States of America and Jay and Leah ate a meal of food with him. And then he sent us this rad email…

I am half-Italian, half some other form of white-ish person.  Maybe Swiss.  Maybe German.  But mostly I am from Ohio, but have now lived in Philadelphia for most of my life.  I have a good sense of rhythm, but can barely spell it.  My last name means “hedge.”  I do not know why.

My life is a project.  My friend Joe Paradise?  His life is a project.  My business is a project.  One of the best things about having a business is getting to work with great people.  A few years ago I found some hysterical videos on the internet and when I wrote to the poster — he actually wrote back.  I remember writing that he was funny, and the woman in his videos was too, but if she was his ex-girlfriend to please forget I mentioned it.  HA!  He wrote back.  No; we’re still together.  Anyway, they are still together.  Married.  They do not have a dog except in my imagination.  He is a sweet lab.  A living stuffed animal.  They are growing their business, and I am very proud of them.  They are creative.  They are thoughtful.  About their craft.  About the kinds of clients they take on.  About their friends.  I know because I am fortunate to be one of them.  That’s my story.  I am sticking to it.  But mostly because I am wearing shorts on a plastic chair.

Thanks for being a pal, Tom!


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