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Chinatown (Vancouver)


Lucas Brooking

Giant Ant is a storytelling studio in Vancouver. We develop and produce content for digital platforms and television.

We’re a young team with shared ideals: to put love in our work, to take risks, and to be part of a studio where everyone has a voice. We are artists, writers, designers, animators, editors, cinematographers, and musicians.
Video storytelling is a unique language that we speak fluently, through film, animation, music and sound. We partner with brands to translate their stories into compelling, sharable and beautiful content. We listen and learn. We show and tell.

Leah Nelson

Jay Grandin

Teresa Toews

Jorge Canedo Estrada

Brant Cheetham

Shawn Hight

Ryland Haggis

Scott Tolan

Matt James

Nicholas Ferreira

Lucas Brooking

Henrique Barone

Robin Leveille

Cory Philpott